Windows 10 Stealing Bandwidth? Here is How to Set Updates Limit

delivery optimization windows 10

Windows 10 is continuously improving day after day. If you are using latest Windows 10 insider preview build, then you might notice about the recent major updates. One of the essential update implemented is “Delivery Optimization.” Basically, it is for those users who want to limit data usages while updating windows 10 apps and Microsoft products. You can quickly set the limit for downloading & uploading data to use for next updates. That will help to save and control your bandwidth usages.

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How to Optimize the Update Bandwidth in Windows 10?

  • Navigate to Windows settings > update & security >> advanced options. You can follow our screenshots (below) to find these options.

windows 10 update settings

pause updates windows 10

  • In Advance Option windows, you will find an option Delivery Optimization. Just click on that to continue next process.
  • Optional step: In this window, you can manage windows to allow download from other PCs. For example, if you are using multiple devices, it will help you to speed up the process of updates. By default, it enabled, but in case you disabled then turn it “On.” You can read more about in Microsoft FAQ.

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  • After clicking on Delivery Optimization, you need to click again on Advanced Options to get what you are looking for.
  • Now finally, you can manage the download and upload updates settings for windows 10. As you can see, “Download settings” allow you to limit downloading updates in the background and foreground as well.

advanced options windows 10

  • On the other side, “Upload settings” allow you to control bandwidth limit for uploading updates to others PCs. Moreover, you can set monthly upload limit which you will automatically stop when it crosses the limit. For more details, you can check the below pie chat at the end of each month. That will give an idea how is it working.

Windows 10 optimize the downloading and uploading updates by default. You will get the best what they offer. In case, you get too much concerned about data usages then you can limit Delivery Optimization to save bandwidth.

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Note: If you are in latest Windows 10 Fall creator updates (4th), you will get this feature but with less option, like not having foreground download settings. To get this option, you have to update to latest builds or wait for the next stable fall creator update.