Twitter added another security method to secure your account conveniently. If you’re using 2fa authentication via SMS, then you know better how painful is that when you’re traveling or on a bad network. Sometimes, you need to wait for the SMS or use backup code to access your account.

Twitter allows you to use third-party mobile security app like Google authenticator to generate one-time login code. It’s very easy and doesn’t require an internet connection on your mobile. You can use this option along with SMS verification and generated backup code as well. That means no matter where you can log into your account instantly.

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How to Enable Twitter SMS Login Verification

  • First, you need to set up SMS based login verification. If you already added this, then skip the process.
  • Log in to your twitter account and click on the profile icon, then tap on the settings and privacy.
    Choose account settings and click on set up login verification. It shows you instructions how it works, just click on the start button.
  • Enter your password and tap verify button, then click on send code to add your number. If you already added then it will show you the number and ask to send the code to verify. In case you want to change the number, just go to the Mobile > My phone > Edit.
  • Now enter the verification code sent to your number and tap on the Submit.
  • Twitter provides you another option as back up, in case you lose your number or out of the network. Click to generate the backup code and save it in a safe place.


How to Add 2 Step Verification Using Third-Party Mobile Security App

  • Click on the profile icon and go to Settings and privacy > Account > Security
  • Click on Review your login verification methods and enter your password.

Twitter 2FA without SMS

  • Now tap on Set up next to Mobile security app and click on start after reading instruction.
  • It will prompt a QR code or key to add a third-party app. For example, let’s say Google authenticator. Open the app and click on the bottom right (+) icon and scan the barcode.
  • After scan click on the next button of twitter pop-up window and enter the code you get in Google authenticator and verify.
  • That’s it, you’re all set…

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How to Use Mobile Security Verification App as Default?

Well, SMS verification method is the default method to verify your login. You can also use different verification method, but you need to click on Choose a different verification method, then use the code generator app. It adds more step to your account verification. If you like to set Mobile security verification app as default, you have to turn off SMS verification. Here’s how to do it…

  • Tap on profile icon, navigate to Settings and privacy. 
  • Click account, then click security.
  • Click on Review your login verification methods and enter your password, if it asks.
  • Tap on the edit next Text message, then select off and save changes.
  • Now you have two option to log in to your account, via code generator app and generated backup code.

Twitter also updated the mobile app, you can enable these login verification methods using the official app. Just follow the same process (above), if you stuck we’re here to help you.

Do you think its convenient and more secure for users?