Windows 10 has a built-in app store to download plenty of third-party free & paid apps. However, do you know that you are not limited to this? You can get thousands of apps without browsing the windows store.

In this post, we have jotted down the best 20+ free apps for Windows 10. We know the value of your money, and that is why we also mentioned some fantastic free software as the alternative to paid apps.

Let’s get started…….

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Best 20+ Free Apps for Windows 10

Dashline to store password

Dashline store your passwords in a safe place where you can access from anywhere. It’s like a password vault in the cloud where you can keep notes, password or other pieces of information. It also has an auto-fill option to fill-up your information’s just in a sec. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to securely store your wallet, like credit cards, ID’s, receipts and shares them according to your permission.

One of the great things is that it will guide you all the process of installing the app and shows floating info icon (orange) in the app windows for more help. It is beneficial for beginners. Moreover, DashLine offers to support other platforms like Android or iOS device, just download from Google play store or App store.


F.lux is a potent tool to reduce your eyestrain. Its adjust the display brightness and colors according to daytime, sunset, and bedtime. Honestly, you can sleep better after using this software. Now, how is it work, right? It detects your location, or you can manually choose your location and provides proper display brightness on the screen. It has preset profiles that you can choose the right one for you or manually adjust colors.

It also has some different color effect, like movie mode, darkroom mode, blue sky and so on. You can change the color between 1200k to 6400k, and also disable in specific apps, hourly or until sunrise.


HandBrake Convert Audios & Videos

Handbrake is an open source video converter which allows you to transcode videos to any format. It is simple & fast with a bunch of options. You will find these option on the right side of the window. It has a batch scanner and queues to save your time and effort. Additionally, it deals chapter maker & range selection, adding subtitles, different quality, video filters, live static & preview, and support for VFR/CFR. As it is free and worth using, then you should give it a try. It is also available for Mac and Ubuntu.




PhotoScape for windows 10

It is a photo editor, especially for non-professional users. It is easy & fun to use and allow to have many features to enhance your photos. You can resize, change brightness, draw, crop and change filter without hassle. It also has a group editor, slideshow & animated gif maker, screen capture, color picker, raw converter and so on.

User-friendly interface and easy to find options will improve your photo editing experience to a new level. It is like you are getting a group of things as free using this software.

Picasa photo viewer & editor

A photo viewer, editor & organizer app. It is the best photo viewer software you can use instead of Windows 10 (default) photo app. All you need to do is set Picasa photo viewer app as default viewer. Its transparent and handy interface works faster than any other photo viewer app. You can also edit photos, change filter, crop, retouch, make the poster, collage, and many other things. Furthermore, this lightweight app will allow you to store photos in the cloud which is excellent.

Notepad plus plus edit codes

Notepad is a free text & source code editor which works in multiple languages. It is a powerful editor which written in C++, and the size is nearly 2.7 megabyte or little more. Its friendly UI lets you work through multiple files without the hassle of changing windows. As you can see in the screenshot, it has provided all the essential button in the action bar. As a result, you can use & find them easily.

It also has a plugin manager where you can get lots of plugins and use them according to your needs.  What’s more, you can hope from a free tool? Well, there are many other features that we did not mention here.

MPC play all kind of media files

When you need a media player for playing quality videos with best color vibrant & sharpness, then MPC comes first. This light-weight player is free to use and provide all the essential features, even on your old computer. Its plays majority of videos & audios files format, including 4k with effective high bit rate.  It’s straightforward to use and contains essential features in the action bar. You can change or add others features, like playback, subtitles, internal & external filters, subtitles, tweaks and miscellaneous from the view > options menu. Indeed, it’s free, and you won’t see a single ad.

7zip archiver & converter

7zip allows you to create and open compressed files efficiently. This fast & tiny software supports up to 16000000000 GB sizes data and able to compress different format. It can pack 7z, ZIP, TAR, GZIP, and BZIP2; and decompress CPIO, DEB, DMG, HFS, ISO, ARJ, CAB, CHM, LZH, LZMA, MSI, NSIS, RAR, RPM, UDF, WIM, and XAR files. Moreover, it has a built-in file manager & quick options while right-clicking on the files as well.

If you need to reduce text files to small size, then it will help you to do that. It would be helpful if you want to share over the internet.

Best uninstall for windows 10

An Uninstaller & cleaner of the junk that leftover by removed apps. When you uninstall software, it is not entirely removed. Maybe you’re thinking about only those empty folders in the C drive program files? Well, there are many others things, like plugins, toolbars, registry, settings and so on. iOrbit quickly scans them and ask whether to deleted or keep when you press the uninstall button. These files may affect your pc performance and even steal your personal information for illegal uses.

If you ever want to uninstall multiple files, then batch uninstaller is there for you to do at once. Furthermore, it offers to create a restore point which you can use as undo. If you remove any program by mistake, then it will help to get back.

Ditto copy paste tool

It’s a clipboard manager where you can store previous search & copied items and access them later. It’s beneficial when you’re taking notes. You can save text, images, HTML, even other custom format and synchronize them among multiple computers. It supports full Unicode and UTF-8 to create any language files. You can quickly view your copied item using system tray icon of Ditto.

Besides, there are many options you can use to search and quick access, including essential hotkeys. You will find these opportunities while right-clicking on the system tray icon.

LibreOffice free office tool

LibreOffice is the best alternative to Microsoft Office, and it’s free to use personally and commercially. It has almost all features that available in MS office. It is an open source project. As a result, lots of volunteer working hard to make it more flexible and useful. It has extension and template supports which will help you to work fast and effortless. As it is continuously adding new features, you may get frequent updates.

change windows 10 start menu

Classic shell is the best software to customize windows start menu fully. Not only that, but it also provides classic explorer, classic IE, and tons of customization options. You can easily replace the default start menu and modify it according to your choices. If you do like Windows 2000, XP or Windows 7 styles then just in few clicks you can get them. Its available in more than in 35 languages.

If you ever change your mind and need to get back default start menu for a while then, what are you going to do? Uninstall & reinstall? :p Well, Classic shell offers to get it just by Shift+Click on the start button. It also provides included themes as well as third-party skin to download. As there are lots of customization option, Classic shell attesting a “readme” document where you will find all the information and guides you need. Just open it after installation or go to C/Program Files/Classic Shell/ClassicShellReadme.rtf

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Greenshoot screenshot tool

Greenshot is a light-weight screenshot tool. It’s easy and very fast to capture a selected region, full-screen windows or even a scrolling page from a browser like an internet explorer. You can share captured image to Flickr, Picasa, printer, MS office, etc. just in one click. It can be customized in your way, for example, if you want to setup different hotkeys, custom color, preserve transparency, image quality & optimization, destination, printing page & color layout and much more.  Moreover, it offers to use different plugins, and you can choose whether to keep or not during setup.

Audacity audio editor

Audacity is the audio editing, recording & live streaming software. Simple UI and advanced features will surprise you why it is free. Yes, it entirely free. You can import different format audio files and edit them according to your needs. It allows you to remove noise, cut, paste, effects, fading, labeling and so on. There are many features for advanced level users and have the option to add more using plugins. It’s not possible to explain Audacity specification just in few words, just try it.

Nimi places to organize desktop

Nimi is a desktop organizing tool. If you messed up your desktop using the shortcut, files, folders then nimi is the organizer for you. It creates the separated shaded area where you can place your desktop files group by group. It’s easy and offers very cool themes while matching to your pc background. If you don’t like to create your template, then you can use predefined. You can either change the name of the area, lock, chose the different group of apps, change icons, gird, position, etc. It can be found in the system tray, just don’t disable auto startup.

System Mechanic system cleaner

SM is a pc optimization tool. Its remove junk, unwanted apps, and files remove bloatware, clean & repair registry and many other things. Keeping your PC neat and clean for good performance is essential. As a result, it manages startup software and shows notifications when new software gets installed or changes system settings. It offers a user-friendly interface and less option to choose that you don’t get confused. Its trace your browser to protect your privacy & security. In a nutshell, SM is an excellent tune-up tool for your PC.

FDM download fast & secure

FDM is a download manager that supports BitTorrent. It has a modern interface and rich features to draw your attention. As it is free, so you will get all the features for free. You can download fast, resume broken links, schedule & simultaneous download and store different files in separate locations. It also provides integrated media player that you can play downloaded videos & audios conveniently. Moreover, you can download YouTube videos. If your pc is slow, then use portable/lite version of FDM.

Filmora video editing tool

It is wise to use free video editor before you buy the paid one. That’s why Filmora video editor is for you with lots of free features. You can easily edit videos. Audios and images like a pro. It supports drag & drops, unlimited animation framework, tons of tracks & layers, clip resizing, trimming, cutting, snapping and rotation. Additionally, 3D animation effects, template & subtitles, real-time preview, audio mixing, video brightness, color correction and much more. In brief, it will make you think why do people buy paid video editors.

Driver Booster update drivers

Driver Booster is a free software that checks out-of-date drivers and allows you to download them. Although, Microsoft auto-updates all the essential drivers until you completely disable update. On the other hand, driver booster scans all the drivers and provides you an option to update them just in one click. It also recommends some driver that you should install. It’s secure and creates a restore point that you can restore if any driver causes a serious problem.

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VirtualDub video editor

VirtualDub is a powerful video capture and processing tool for windows. It’s been distributing as free since 2009. If you need to polish your videos before publish, then VirtualDub is the best choice. It supports splitting, joining as well as extracting. It’s very easy to use and provides the majority of option that needs a home user. It also can convert, compress, capture, render, filter and many other things. Moreover, you can extend some features using third-party plug-ins. If you’re a beginner, then it will be the best choice for you.

Hitflim video editor
Image credit to hitflim

Hitfilm is a professional video editor which is providing as free. It has a very familiar interface and built-in YouTube uploading options for YouTubers. It offers a different kind of preset visual effect, and you can use any video format. If you have a good quality video camera like DSLR, then you will get plenty options to edit your videos. It supports color tweaking, filters, advanced cutting tool, 3d support, Layers, masking, trimming and much more.

Check hardware info

It’s a free tool to monitors your PC clock speed, sensor temperature, fan speed, voltages, and loads. It shows all the hardware’s information, and you can easily track them using min/max/current value.  It also offers to save the report or submits to them. It’s portable & light. You can keep it in the corner of your desktop to get the real-time info.

Ninite batch downloader

Ninite is an all in one package downloader. In details, it offers batch download and installs your desire software just in one click. For example, we’ve suggested different types of software (above), and now you want to download some them. So, what are you going to do?  Well, you can download & install them as a group using Ninite.

Moreover, it also offers updates all of them just at one click. Isn’t great? You can skip a lot of work like installing each of them step by step, choosing an installation directory, and many other annoying options. Its detect your machine and install them in the default location. Besides, its skip toolbar, junk files and also skip reboot request. It’s safe, secure and the best source of freeware software fonder.

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Our Verdict:

We have suggested more than twenty free apps, especially for windows 10. Most of them also available for Mac, Linux and the popular mobile operating system like Android, iOS. In our opinion, these all apps are worth to use in windows 10.

What do you think?