Top 10 Apps Android Oreo

It is very easy to find out what apps you’re looking for, but hard to get the right one. That’s why we have picked some useful Android apps which you must need to your Android Oreo device. All of them are free, but they also offer the premium version to get advanced features. If you’re not a heavy user, then free versions are quite enough for your everyday needs.

So, what are you looking for? Let’s have a look at them.

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10 Best Apps for Android 8.0 Oreo.

Last Pass is a storehouse of passwords. It’s also known as a secure vault which let to save & generate passwords. You can keep all of your social media, email, forum and many other online accounts password. You just need to setup a master password which required to access all of your stored passwords.

LastPass Android Oreo

Moreover, it offers auto fill-up, private notes, and many other options. You can simultaneously use this app in all of your device, tablet, and computer. Just download the app > setup > create account > you’re done!
To use autofill feature in Android Oreo you need to go to settings > system > language & input > autofill service > Last pass.

Es File Manager Android Oreo 8.0

ES file explorer is a File Manager with lots of useful features. Using this app, you can share files, apps, media files, documents over Wi-Fi or auto create a hotspot. You can remote access your files, cloud storage from anywhere. It also provides built-in App Manager, note editor, SD card analyst, cache cleaner, quick charge and many other features. You can download the free version, and for the advanced level user, it’s also offer paid version at minimal cost.

Secure Gallery to lock

The secure galley is a light and flexible app to hide your pictures & videos. If you have to protect gallery files and keep in a safe place, then it is the best free app you can use.

Its support fingerprint, pattern as well as password (number, character) lock. You don’t have to unlock file every time you want to see these. Just enter the app, and you can view, edit and share. Its offer to hide it from the launcher and open using ‘Widget’ or Dial Code. Moreover, if in case someone deletes this app, you can easily recover your media files using recovery option.

ADM to download fast in android

ADM is an advance download manager to download multiple files simultaneously. It accelerates the downloads speed using multithreading nine parts. You can easily download music, videos and other files larger than 2 GB. One of the most useful features is that; you can use queue option to download file systematically using mobile data or only Wi-Fi. It’s simply integrated with any browser in android device, mostly chrome, Firefox.

Change Android Oreo Fonts

Typeface is a font changer with over 700+ google web fonts. Its allow you to change your device font using flashable zip, apk, TTF or OTF. Currently, it has added android 8.0 support; later it will add substratum support. You may need root access to use this app.

Picart Photo Studio Android Oreo

Pics art is a photo editor and collage maker with millions of sticker, clipart library, effect, and tools. If you love to manipulate your photos, then Picsart is the best choice for you. Its friendly interface and unique features make you feel like you’re using a mini Photoshop on your device.

Download HD wallpaper

Wallpaper HD is the official app for wallpaper craft. You will find tons of HD, 4k backgrounds images on your device. Its easy interface and super quality wallpapers will extremely fit on your phone, tablets or in pc. However, every hour you will get a new wallpaper or show you a pop-up notification that how many wallpapers you’ve missed while you’re away.

Android 8.0 Oreo Substratum theme engine

Substratum is the most popular theme engine for android devices. You can change the look of your android phone just using different types of themes. Not only that, but it also has font changer, boot animation changer, and many other useful features. Recently, it has added rootless features for android Oreo. You will be required to use an add-on (Andromeda) to enable the rootless feature.

Greenify Save Android O battery

There’s no alternative to Greenify when you need to save battery and boost the performance of your android phone or tablet. It offers all the essential features as free, but if you need more, then you can buy donate/pro version. Its promise not to let your phone or tablet slow down and battery hungrier as before. Its hibernate all the useless apps when you’re not using them at all.

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best oreo launcher for android

Lawnchair is the custom launcher with the extra features of Pixel launcher. If you like the pixel interface, then it is the best oreo launcher for android. Its allow you to customize your device to a very decent and unique look. You can change the icon pack, row & column, theme, search bar, app drawer, dock change and many other options.

So, these are the must-have apps you need in android Oreo devices. If you use all of them, you will feel like that you’re using a complete android device.

Do you think we missed any app? :p