Google Pixel 2 Launcher

Google has launched Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL at the beginning of October. Both of these phones are different but have so many things in common. Although, Samsung, iPhone and other brands already introduced thinner bezel-less display, so Google too entered in this era. These are the first smartphones that fully customized for Android Oreo experience in 2017.

Enough talk about Pixel 2, let’s talk about Pixel 2 Launcher. It is different now and added lots of new features. Most noticeable thing is the search bar, placed at the bottom or below dock icons on the home screen. Yes, it looks odd, but it is comfortable, mainly if you are a one-handed user. When you swipe up, the google search bar will go to the top of the app drawer and shows the apps icons below. It is almost like the google now launcher. On the other hand, if you swipe left on the home screen, you will find google search option with a new look.

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As there is no icon changing opportunity like custom launchers, but Google has offered adaptive icons shape changing options, for instance, square, rounded square, squire, circle, teardrop and the default one. If your favorite apps support adapted icons, then it will automatically get the benefit of shape changing. However, now you can pull down the notification drawer just swiping down on the home screen. Isn’t it cool?

Ok, do you like moving wallpapers? Well, Pixel 2 introduced live wallpapers pretty unique way. You cannot notice its moving until you close look at these wallpapers. For example, if you set “A walk in the clouds. Hawaii” live wallpaper then you will see some tiny cars are running on the road. Moreover, when you unlock your phones, you will see little zoom in or other smooth effects in these wallpapers. There are more than 26 Live wallpapers available. It is cool & smart to have these kinds of wallpaper in 2017.

How Do I Get Pixel 2 Launcher & Live Wallpapers?

Pixel 2 Launcher Mod

  • Navigate to xda thread & download the latest version of pixel 2 launcher. Before install, remove the old version of Pixel launcher.
  • Now install and give all the required permission to make it work correctly.

Note: If your old pixel launcher installed as “a system app” and you cannot remove it, then just replace the system app. It is a bit tricky & required root access, please use at your own risk if you are not sure what you are doing…..

Here’s how do you replace it. First rename the downloaded file to “NexusLauncherPrebuilt.apk” and replace it to “Root > system > priv-app > NexusLauncherPrebuilt” folder.

  • That’s it. Now restart your device and enjoy.

Pixel 2 Launcher & Live Wallpaper

Pixel 2 Live Wallpapers

To get pixel live wallpaper, you have to install the right app according to your android version. The minimum requirement is Android 6.0 marshmallow & up.

  • Go to xda thread by Pranav Pandey and choose the right version according to your device Android version. Make sure, you uninstalled the previous version first, and then install the google wallpaper app.
  • After install, just select your desire live wallpaper and see the effect.

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More Info:

Action & Nova launcher still providing some of Pixel 2 launcher features in beta stage. If you are a premium user or happy with free features, then you can taste them from here & here. Let us know if you face any problem. 🙂