Not Responding error Firefox Quantum

We have been testing out Firefox Quantum browser in these days. According to Firefox, it is 2x faster and consumes thirty percent less memory than Chrome. Yes, it is true, and in that case, it can beat Google Chrome easily.

How Does It Work?

In brief, Firefox uses RUST programming language, a new CSS engine. They also added some tricks to loads all the essential elements first and prioritizing the foreground tabs for proper memory management.

You can see the comparison between Google Chrome and Firefox Quantum speeds in Top 10 sites.


As Nick Nguyen, vice president of Firefox products said, Quantum will work great in the 32-bit processor with less than 4 gigabytes of ram.
Therefore, we tested in our 32-bit machine with 3 GB of ram running on Windows 10. It feels light and fast. Unfortunately, sometimes it causes lags as Firefox older versions and also asks to disable some popular extensions.

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How to Fix Lags or Not Responding Error in Firefox Quantum

  • First of all, Open the browser and click on the top right corner Open Menu > Help > Troubleshooting Information. It will open a new tab.
  • In this windows, you can tune up Firefox just clicking on Refresh Firefox in the top right. It will remove all extensions and customization you made. Also, restore all settings to default.

Troubleshooting Information Firefox Quantum

  • After doing that, open Firefox and come back to the same window following above steps. Then, click on Open folder in Profile Folder category. It will open a new window in windows explorer. Now you need to find places.sqlite file and rename to places.sqlite.old. Before doing that, please close Firefox to complete this action otherwise you will not allow doing that.

Note: You may lose bookmarks, icons, input history, keywords, and browsing history. So keep you bookmark backup or sync with your account.

Additional Steps…

  • Now you need to enable hardware acceleration to get the best performance. To enable it, go to Open Menu > Options > Performance (located in general tab)

boost performance Firefox Quantum

  • In this section, untick “use recommended performance settings” and trick on “Use hardware acceleration when available.” You can also change “content process limit” from 1 to 7. It depends on how many multiple tabs you work simultaneously. Keep in mind that, it will consume more memory than before.

Sometimes, it not the issue of Firefox but add-ons. Try to disable all of the add-ons or try safe mode. Once you get sure it is because of extensions, then try to activate each of the add-ons steps by step to identify the problem. It wisely recommended using fewer add-ons to enjoy the best performance. Hope following above methods will help you to solve the hangs or not responding issue.

So, will you make the Firefox Quantum as your default browser?