Amazon Echo Spot is the best device to use as a clock. It looks good anywhere in the house, mostly in the bedroom. As it has the camera to make video & voice calls, you can certainly use it with other amazon home devices. This tiny device also Alexa enabled, allow you to control other devices, like smart home, play music and so on.

Echo Spot uses the camera to control the screen auto brightness. It adjusts the screen while using video call or in the bright location. Due to privacy reason, you can disable the camera and microphone; just clicking on the top button. You can also deactivate camera individually while changing the option in the settings menu.

However, if you sleep in the very dark room then screen may look uncomfortable at the night. Especially when you woke up and look at the screen brightness which may look annoying or so bright. You can reduce it going through the setting or make it work for a certain period. Let’s see how you can do that.

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How to Enable Night Mode on Amazon Echo Spot

  • Navigate to settings, just pull down from the top of the screen & click on the gear icon.
  • Now scroll down and click on Home & clock.
  • Tap on the night mode and toggle Nighttime clock to enable dim version of the clock at night.
  • You can also set up a schedule to turn on or off automatically at the specific times.
Enable Nighttime clock amazon echo spot
Image credit: howtogeek

Please keep in mind that, it doesn’t fully dim the screen. It just reduces a certain amount of brightness. In my point of view, display looks pretty good at night when you enabling night mode. Lets us know what do you think about this option.

Is it enough? or you think Amazon should release an update to make it more comfortable?