Apple HomePod, a smart speaker with the rich quality sound system and other extra features. Undoubtedly, it has excellent hardware and the quality of the sound take it to the new level. You don’t need to find a perfect location to set it up. It will adjust anywhere without compromising the sound quality. It is the most balanced audio device by Apple.

The virtual assistant Siri, however, works almost well on HomePod. It can hear you pretty much all the time, no matter how loud is the music. It doesn’t mean that it’s great as Alexa or Google Assistant. Apple may need to focus on that carefully and make it more comfortable. It doesn’t record the audio, as a result, it is not secure at all. Anyone can read your message or send using the Siri.

So, would you like to disable Siri on the HomePod? Let’s see how you can do that…..

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How to Turn Off “Hey Siri” On the HomePod

You can simply turn off Siri using your voice command, to do so you need to say…

“Hey Siri, Stop Listening”. It will ask you to confirm by saying “Yes”.

That’s it, Siri won’t listen to you now.

Hey Siri, Stop Listening

If you ever change your mind and want to turn on Siri, then you have to tap on the on the center on the display of your HomePod.
After that, just say “ Hey Siri, Start Listening.”

On the other hand, you can completely disable Siri on HomePod using the HomePod App. It’s very easy and helps you to use HomePod without Siri.

Let’s get started…

Open the Home App, press and hold the HomePod icon below “Favorite Accessories”.

homepod app living room homepod

Now tap on the “details” from the right bottom corner.

To get the list of all options, slightly scroll down.

As you can see, there are some option to change the settings of Siri.

If you want to disable only “Hey Siri”, then you can toggle the switch next to “Listen for hey Siri”.

Disable Siri HomePod using home app

Furthermore, Homepod also allows you to disable “touch and hold for Siri”.

Please keep in mind, if enable this then you cannot active Siri while long pressing on the touchscreen on its top. It may be helpful if you have kids otherwise it will create one more step to do when you need to enable Siri again.

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In the Home App settings, you can also turn on/off the light, sound, voice or change the language of Siri. Read more about here.