Customize Firefox Quantum

When you want to know about Firefox Quantum browser, it is not all about super-fast speed but also customizable & comfortable. Firefox added some new ways to build your taste. Not all people like the colors, tabs, menus and some default settings and that’s why there are a bunch of options to change them in New Firefox Quantum.

How to Customize Firefox Quantum?

Well, you can quickly change the default settings and setup like the way you want. What you need to do is, set those options and use them correctly. Let’s have a look how you can do it.

New Tab Preference Firefox Quantum

  • Customize New Tab: To change the look of New Tab, Firefox provides easy and handy options. You can click on the top right “Gear” icon and merely tick or untick to show and hide according to your needs. It will show you live update of what you are changing.
  • Page Action: Firefox provides some essential actions that you can use while browsing a website. You can copy the link, send to your device or email, save to pocket and of course, take a screenshot. To use them, you need to click on the flat three dot icon right of the address bar and select your desired option. Do you know, you can make them one step closer? Just click on the “flat three dot icon” and right-click on the “take a screenshot” and choose “add to address bar.” By doing so, you can add rest other.

Page Action Firefox Quantum

  • Toolbar Settings: You can add a bunch of quick access options in the toolbar. For example, menu bar, bookmark bar and customize more settings. To do so, just right click on the taskbar and select. As you can see by default, there are spaces near the address bar. Firefox also offers to add more space or remove them from here. Just click on the customize, then drag & drop what you need. You can also add them to the overflow menu.

toolbar Customize Firefox

  • Other settings: In the customize windows, you can change different settings. Like show or hide title bar, choose themes, improve the density to compact, standard or touch mode. If you used the old version of Firefox, then you may also know about these. Follow the screenshot below, to get more help.

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Except these, there are the bunch of other settings you may like to change. You will find those going through Open menu > options window. If in case, you do something wrong want to get back to default just click on Open menu > help > troubleshooting information > refresh Firefox.

These are the best way to customize Firefox quantum without relying on add-ons. Keep in mind, Unsupported or too many plugins will slow down your browser and make it worse or crash. So, try use add-ons as less as possible. Let us know what do you think about this new Firefox browser?