Customizing Android Phones are fun, and when it comes to stock Android, it’s worth to do so. Lately, Android 8.0 Oreo officially introduced with loads of unique features, for instance, faster boot-up, new designs, and extraordinary performance. But is that enough for you? Well, there are many of other features that you may want to have. Most of Android users prefer to use custom Roms to get the benefit of customization.

Here’re some apps that will help you to customize your Android Oreo device very quickly. You can also use them in other versions of Android like nougat as well as the marshmallow. Let’s have a look.

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Best Apps for Android Oreo 8.0+

  • Custom Launcher

lawnchair android Oreo launcher

Lawnchair is the best alternative to Pixel launcher. Besides all the features of pixel launcher, you will get some extra options to make it more customizable, such as custom icons pack, rows & columns changer, dock & drawer customizer, etc. One of the most important things is that it updates too frequently. So you don’t have to worry about bugs. If you love the look of pixel launcher, then you would like to replace it with Lawnchair.


  • Change Background


Wallpapers HD interface

Wallpapers craft is the best app that you can use to change the background both of your pc and smartphone. It has thousands of HD, QHD, 4k wallpapers. Whenever you want to download a wallpaper, you will get three options, portrait adapted (full HD 1080 x 1920px), landscape adapted (full HD, 2880x1920px) and original (3000×2000). Moreover, it also allows you to set wallpaper directly from the app.

  • Auto Change Wallpaper

Auto change wallpaper

It’s enjoyable when your device changes its looks every day, every hour or even in every minute. Although you can do it manually, however, an app called Claro allow you to do it in other ways. For example, you love kitty photos but only on Monday at a specific time with different colors, like gray, sepia or random. This app will allow you to do it very quickly. What you need to do is follow their instruction when you first open it.

  • Icon Packs (free)

You don’t need to buy icon packs to get premium looks. You will find lots of icon pack in Google Play store. We have made a small list that you can check below….

  1. Delta – It contains more than 1400 unique hand-designed icons. The set of elegantly crafted icons will change the look of your home screen and app drawer.
  2. Rugos – Rounded square and vector-based icons will definitely feel you better while using your device. It’s very colorful and stylish.
  3. Naxos Taz – Taz has more than 2200 Awesome flat HD icons, and collection of extraordinary wallpapers to draw your attention.
  4. Viral – it’s a dark light icon pack with vintage uniform and stylish design. It also includes over 200 matching wallpaper.
  • Custom Navigation bar, Themes, and Fonts

Change android stock themes

Have you heard about rootless Substratum theme engine? Maybe, you have used that in Nougat or later version. Its allow you to use custom themes, fonts, boot animations, etc. Recently, Substratum team released Andromeda (an add-on) that allows rootless mode in Android 8.0 Oreo stock devices. If your device is rooted, then you don’t need this.

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  • Customize LockScreen (save your time)

Next lock screen is known as the time-saving lock screen app for android. If you want to get your events, messages, calls, weather, contacts as well as apps in front of your lock screen, then it’s the best app for you. It has developed by tech giant Microsoft that you can have all the useful things without unlocking the phone. You can also enjoy Bing search & daily wallpaper, power saving mode, directly call from the lock screen and many others options you always want to have.

So, would you like to use these apps to customize your Android device?