Apple has made some changes in iOS 11. One of them is Control Center, which has redesigned and offered up to three panels of settings. You’re not limited in this; you can customize according to your needs, the position, add or remove icons and so on. As there are a lot of customization made in iPhone X, users feel little uncomfortable with these; especially with the home button, gestures and of course, control center.  Many users do not know how to find or add shortcuts in control center.  For instance, airdrop settings moved to connectivity group, as you do not need to use it quite often.

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How to Take Control of the Control Center?

  • Open the Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. Here is the full list of settings in separate sections you can modify.
  • Tap on the RED icon to remove & GREEN icon to add. Moreover, using hamburger icon on the right side, you can change the positions by dragging up and down. To see the changes that you made, just swipe up the bottom of the screen to view your changes.
  • If you need to customize each of the shortcuts you have added, then simple long press on the icons to get more settings.
  • If you have added many icons that do not fit into the current screen, then you can scroll down to view rest of them.
  • Long pressing on the icons, will show you more friendly view to make some instant changes. For example, if you press firmly on the brightness icon, it will let to change the brightness from low to high. You can also press & hold the camera icon to get shortcuts to take selfie or record video. Just make sure, 3D touch is enabled. To check, Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D touch.

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Still, Cannot Find Some Settings Icons? Well, it is quite natural. Some icons relocated according to user’s needs. In the quick access control center, there are separate section groups. You need to press (long) the box holding all the connectivity icons to get airdrops & some other settings.