Windows 10 adds lots of new features every time it releases insider preview builds. We’re not going to discuss these but app settings, which is quite essential nowadays. Generally, an app uses many permission to access, most of those are necessary. You can control apps to allow or disallow permissions, for example, microphone, camera, contacts and many more.

To elaborate further, mobile operating systems like Android or iOS ask for permission and allow to change the app settings later. You also can reset, force close without opening the app. Microsoft also trying to make windows 10 like this, that you can quickly access to change certain app settings. Windows 10 insider preview 17063, introduced a very simple way to control apps permission and other essential settings just from the start menu. Let’s see how you can do this…

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How to Change App Settings in Windows 10

  • Click on the START menu (bottom left corner) and right click on the app that you want to change settings.
  • Now Choose More and click on App Settings.
  • As you can see, it offers many options to choose. Just toggle the button ON | OFF to allow or disallow the permission. For instance, turn off the background apps if you don’t want to run this app in the background.
  • Scroll down, you’ll find terminator to force close the app. You can use this if the app doesn’t respond.

Change Program Permissions Windows 10

  • Reset/repair: Clean the app data and restore default settings. You can use this if the app isn’t working properly.
  • Uninstall: To remove app permanently.
  • App add-ons and downloadable content: here you can manage the installed add-ons.

An Alternative Method To Change App Permission In Windows 10

Change Program privacy Windows 10

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Go to Settings > Privacy > choose desire option to control permission. Let’s say camera, click on it as shown below and exclude the app that you don’t want to use the camera.

This is how you can change the app permission if you like to control multiple apps privacy at once.

Windows 10 allows you to access app settings option in start menu. You can control the app permissions, reset settings, terminate the app and many more. Here’s how can manage these settings very quickly and protect your privacy.