Are you planning to get a new Android phone? Well, there is no doubt that Android is the most widely using smartphone operating system. It’s not because of the cheap price but also handy, customizable and of course, good performance. You can not get all features on one phone, however, if you get so then it will be expensive. According to this fact, it is quite challenging to buy the right one for you. For that reason, we have gathered some special points that you need to consider before buying a new Android Phone.

Let’s get into the details……

  • GOOD PRICE (according to your budget)

smartphone buying guide according to budget

Price is the major issue and you really need to think about it. I am not going to tell you that think twice, but my question is what you will get in return? Is that worth buying? You will find these answers asking yourself. See the features, hardware, information & compare with nearly same price phones. Google is there for you to jot down all the information you need to know; you just need to press the search button.

  • INTERNAL STORAGE (enough space?)


enough android internal storage

It’s very important to check the internal storage. As time goes on, android apps, games & media files are getting bigger. As a result, you need to more storage than you used to have. Like in 2016, 32 GB was quite enough but in twenty seventeen, it is wise to buy at least 64 GB or more internal storage devices.

Furthermore, Android phones are highly customizable and upgradable. So, it is essential to have enough space that you do not need to worry about it. Most of the phones have expandable storage but its also important to have enough internal space. Usually, you may like to keep lots of photos and videos in the gallery, then it is wise to get a new Android device which will get rid of low storage warning even if you’re out of external memory.

  • FRONT & REAR CAMERA (don’t follow megapixel)

A great camera

Do you like to capture lots of photos? What about the selfie? Well, newest Android phones come with the good front camera. High megapixel doesn’t mean that camera will be better. You need to be careful about autofocus, aperture, ISO levels, pixel size and many more things. Usually, 8MP secondary & 12 MP primary cameras are the good enough to take good quality photos. If you need much better, then you should look for some phones which especially focusing on decent cameras.

  • BATTERY CAPACITY (how long it last?)

long lasting battery

Now, most of the phones are above 3000 mAh & support fast charging. Therefore, you may not face any problem unless you are a too busy person. If the battery is the biggest issue, then consider buying larger battery capacity phones nearly 4000 mah or more. In my opinion, you can keep a power-bank with if you are a heavy user. Furthermore, android latest OS offers doze mode to save your battery when you are not using your phone.

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  • ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM (is that latest?)


android latest operating system

It’s essential to have the latest operating system, especially Android devices. If you have the latest AOS then you may get a bunch of new features. For example, if you purchase a device now then you may get Android nougat 7.1+. Nougat offers many new features, for instance, multitasking, faster performance, google pixel interface, doze mode & good battery life.

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Of course, there are many more things, but above five are the most useful that you need to concern before picking up the latest Android phones. So, what do you think about them?